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Half of middle-aged will sell home for care | 17.01.11

Almost half of all middle-aged Britons expect to sell their home if they need long-term care in retirement, new research has found. Some 44% of couples aged 34-54 fear parting with their biggest asset is inevitable should one of them need domiciliary or residential care, a YouGov poll of 4,500 people found.bAdditionally, 38% of those aged over 55 admit they won't be able to meet the cost of care without selling up, law firm Dickinson Dees says. Last year, 20,000 pensioners were forced to sell their homes to fund care fees, undermining a lifetime of hard work, saving and paying off mortgage debt.

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Dementia nursing care needs overhaul, says King's Fund
BBC | 04.12.10

Nursing care for people with dementia is in need of a radical overhaul, a leading think tank has warned. The King's Fund says people with Alzheimer's and dementia in England are having NHS-funded care withdrawn in the later stages of their illness. It says relatives have to pick up the bill for additional nursing support. The government says the number of people receiving continuing care has risen by almost two-thirds in the past three years.

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Vulnerable elderly 'forced to pay for medical care
BBC | 29.09.10

Vulnerable elderly people are being unfairly forced to pay for health care, the new chairman of the House of Commons health committee says. Stephen Dorrell said patients with conditions such as dementia used to get free care in NHS geriatric hospitals. He believes that the NHS has turned its back on specific groups of patients. Mr Dorrell, who was health secretary towards the end of John Major's time as prime minister, said: "People are being charged for care that they would have got free from the NHS 20 or 30 years ago. But the number of places has fallen by nearly 80% in the UK over the past 20 years - despite the ageing population.

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£250,000 victory for war vet
Daily Mail | 20.03.10

The family of a war veteran suffering from Alzheimer's has won more than £250,000 from the NHS for nursing home fees he should never have been charged. The payout, which is believed to be the biggest of its kind, was awarded to relatives of Leslie Terry, 86, whose home was sold to pay for his £3,500-a-month care. Despite being totally immobile - he has not been out of bed for four years - and in need of constant nursing, Mr Terry was denied funding under the NHS's "Continuing Care" scheme.

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Elderly still forced to sell homes as health boards flout rules
Daily Mail | 03.03.10

Sick, Elderly people are still being forced to sell their homes and use life savings to pay for their care when the NHS should be footing the bill. National standards laid down by the Department of Health are being bent, broken and applied patchily across the country, Money Mail has discovered. The chances of the sick having care paid for are ten times greater in some parts of the country, such as Shropshire, than in others, including South-East Essex, Birmingham and Milton Keynes, the Government has admitted. The Mail also revealed that councils in certain areas, such as Hull, Liverpool and Lambeth, are far more likely to fund care home places than those in Croydon, Wokingham and Poole. The law is clear: if the primary need for care is due to severe ill health, then all costs of nursing, personal care and accommodation should be funded by the NHS.

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Beryl wins fight over care costs
The Shields Gazette | 19.01.10

A devoted wife has won her battle with health bosses over her dementia-stricken husband's care costs. Beryl Atkinson was left paying hundreds of pounds a week after the NHS said it would no longer meet the full amount of husband Hector's care at Willowdene Nursing Home, in Hebburn. Mrs Atkinson, 68, from South Shields, has spent the last year challenging that decision.

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BBC Coverage BBC The One Show 13:05 UK time, Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dom Littlewood of the BBC One Show has been looking at the changes to the assessment rules for care home funding, which could mean that patients can apply for a refund on their fees.
Watch Dom's report by clicking play above.

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