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What is Continuing Healthcare?

In the UK, the NHS must pay for care for anyone over the age of 18 who has physical or mental health needs which have arisen as the result of disability, accident or illness. Funding provided by the NHS for nursing homes, care homes or other continuing care services is covered by NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care. Sadly, it is often left to chance whether or not a person qualifies for NHS Continuing Healthcare. It is the duty of the NHS Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to decide on a person’s eligibility for Continuing Healthcare, but they do not always do so using the correct criteria. Care Claim Support can help you establish whether the correct criteria have been used to determine whether the NHS should have funded healthcare for you or your loved one, and help you retrieve the money paid out for that care.

Who is eligible for Continuing Healthcare? 

A person can be found eligible for NHS continuing health care if they can establish that they have a primary health need rather than a social need.

I’ve heard that my claim could be out of time. Is this correct?

The deadline has passed for claims involving a period of care before April 2003 in Wales and before April 2004 in England. However, claims can still be made for those currently receiving care or those who received care after the above dates.

My relative is deceased. Can I still make a claim?

Yes. Provided your relative received care after April 2003 in Wales or April 2004 in England, a claim can still be made.

Do I need authority to pursue a claim if I am doing so on behalf of someone else?

Yes, but you will require either power of attorney or, in the case of acting on behalf of the deceased,  grant of probate.

What will happen if my relative is found eligible for continuing healthcare?

If your relative is found eligible for NHS continuing health care then the NHS will be solely responsible for paying your relative's fees.

Will my claim go to court?

Court proceedings cannot be issued until the internal review procedure has been exhausted. However, it is very unlikely that your claim will need to go to court as most claims will be resolved during the internal review procedure.

What is ‘No Win, No Fee’?

Care Claim Support offers a no obligation, confidential and completely free assessment of your claim. There are no upfront fees, therefore, you have nothing to lose. In the overwhelming majority of cases where we believe there are good prospects of success, we will offer a No Win, No Fee agreement. This means that we will only be entitled to a percentage of your claim in the event that we are successful in recovering fees on your behalf, this is subject to our terms and conditions.

How long will your case assessment take?

Assessment of your case will take up to 30 days. The length of time it takes a claim for the repayment of unfairly paid fees depends on the complexity of each individual case but we aim to reach a conclusion within 6 months.

Can I still claim if my relative has already been assessed by the Primary Care Trust or Healthboard?

Absolutely, Care Claim Support specialise in taking on cases that have already started. If your relative has already been assessed, but not found eligible for NHS continuing health care, you may be able to appeal this decision. We can help.

BBC Coverage BBC The One Show 13:05 UK time, Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dom Littlewood of the BBC One Show has been looking at the changes to the assessment rules for care home funding, which could mean that patients can apply for a refund on their fees.
Watch Dom's report by clicking play above.

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